Indian food and a day of sloth
[8.27.2003 * 4:11 pm]

Since I'm hungry, I'm going to keep this one short.

Today I have been terribly slothful. I didn't get out of bed until about 10, then CF and I ran up the hill to buy white sugar, brown sugar, and milk so that we could make waffles. We forgot maple syrup, so while I made the waffles he ran up the hill again with Marv. When he got back we ate the waffles, waited for Marv to shower, then took a bath in some goat's milk bath salts. After the bath we went up the hill another time to meet Marv at the café at the AMC, check out expensive electronic equipment and DVDs (both with movies on them and without) at FutureShop, stop into the Pharmaprix to mail something to Lebanon, and buy some writable DVDs at Canuckian Tire.

After that CF and I were going to get some lunch at Amir, but he forgot his script for the rehearsal he was heading to afterwards at home, so we went back down the hill to pick it up. We also ate the last three slices of his all-dressed pizza.

I am now contemplating the fact that I want Mexican food but have no ingredients to make tacos, burritos, refried beans, or even nachos. Bitetacular.

This might call for another trip up the hill.

I forgot to mention the other day that CF and I ended up ordering Indian food from a place online that was HELLA expensive. Yeah, we paid $45 for our order (including tip), and it took a bloody long time to get here. I had vegetable biryani, he had butter chicken, and we ordered extra rice for some reason, plus naan bread, chipatis, samosas, onion bhaji, and I think we got some kind of vegetable curry that we didn't actually order (unless that was supposed to go on the extra rice). A nice spread, but way too expensive for the quality.

I must learn how to make these things. I think I've got the samosas mastered (although using phylo for them is not a great idea); I think it's time to try to get that chickpea curry right. Perhaps I should make another trip to the Indian buffet and smuggle some out to be analysed for the ingredient breakdown...

The first thing I asked my mom when I arrived in TN was, 'So, do you have any good Indian restaurants around here?' She said, 'Like... Native American?'

Oh, boy. They did have one place, but we never got around to trying it. Maybe next time (if they're still in business).

Okay. I'm off to find food to put in my stomach and possibly cook things.

P.S. I finally listened to the whole Limbeck CD I bought. Yeah, these guys rock. I particularly like the songs 'Honk and Wave' and 'I Wrote This Down.' They also have a rather creative way of sharing the lyrics, but you'll just have to buy the CD yourself to find out what it is. (That was an extraordinarily subtle plug, don't you think? Particularly since you can just go listen to the whole album here if you hate actually buying your CDs...)

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